ArtsHaus | ArtsHaus - Open House June 2017
Arts Haus International warmly welcomes young children to join our fun-filled and educational Early Childhood Programmes.
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Term 4 & 2018 Enrolment

Our beautifully furnished 8,200sqft campus is located at the heart of Pearl’s Hill, with easy access to the luscious garden of Pearl’s Hill City Park. Situated within the CBD, we are like a hidden oasis, providing children a safe and green learning environment.

Seated on a huge 12,000sqft land, we have a wide range of facilities to cater to our children’s learning needs and interests, including specially designed areas for outdoor play, visual arts, environmental education, technological tinkering, music and dance.

Find out more about our fun-filled and educational Early Childhood Programmes.
Arts Haus International warmly welcome young children to come check out our Open House for our Term 4 & 2018 Enrolment!

Date : 12th – 16th September
Time : 10am-2pm , 2pm-4pm
Call +(65) 6532 2837 to RSVP.

Through our proprietary S.M.A.R.T Learning, Arts Haus aims to nurture Bright Thinkers to prosper academically, socially, and emotionally in today’s world of constant change, global interconnectedness and technological advancement.

See you our Open House!